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Dawn on the Coral Sea

From November 2012

Total eclipse of the sun

Yesterday we took a trip on a boat to the outer Great Barrier Reef off Cairns, to witness a rare and awesome event. I wish I knew more what I was doing with the capture as well as editing; many of my total eclipse photos have a ghosting effect. But here is one of my better shots, of the diamond ring.

From November 2012

Sepia Sunset

A bit of whimsy for this evening.

From November 2012

I also found a cool branch.

Pillow soft

From November 2012

Great Dividing Range

On Sunday we celebrated my birthday with vegan yum cha at Vegie Hut (YUM), beer and pretzel at White Rabbit brewery (also yum), a drive up Black Spur and a walk through the forest of Yarra Ranges National Park. This park forms part of the protected water catchments and lies the southern tip of the Great Dividing Range (which is ‘great’ because it runs from the top to the bottom of eastern Australia). Amongst the tall trees, at the top of the ridge we managed to get a glimpse of a view out east. With the distance and my fuzzy zoom lens it looked a bit like a painting.

From October


From October


There were around seven galahs having a feast on the front lawn when I arrived at work today. What a treat!

From October

Rainbow Lorikeet

From September

Dawn moon

An early morning car trip up to the snow. Had to pull over to get a shot of the full moon that was chasing us.

From August