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I’m moving…

I’ve decided to move future posts to my other blog, So head on over if after this long break you still want to see what I’m up to.
I’ve just posted the first shirt I’ve made.


Sepia Sunset

A bit of whimsy for this evening.

From November 2012

I also found a cool branch.

Bark Painting

Busy week, but I’ve decided I like this bark I found enough to show a different angle. It looks like a landscape I think.

From September

Blossom in black and white

More flowers, I can’t get enough of them at the moment (I have been featuring them a bit over at A day in the leaf also). Spring is on its way! The colours are wonderful, but I also admire the delicate shape and structure of the blooms and the contrast with the bare branches; most of the flowers have arrived before the leaves. I have shown these in black and white to highlight this, let me know what you think.

From August
From August

Afternoon tree walk

With my new project, our afternoon walks are turning into ‘stop every ten seconds for Stef to take a photo of a tree’ walks. But there are so many lovely trees on our site!
Someone has tagged them all recently, I wonder if it is to decide which ones will stay after the site is sold. I fear not many. There is a local friends of the trees group set up, as apparently part of it is heritage woodland.

From July

My puntastic new blog!

I have decided to start a project with the theme of photographing trees. I love trees, and I also hope that the practice I get from having a focus (constraint) and a taking on a daily challenge will lead to improvements in my photography as I inch towards my second year with the camera. I find myself enjoying landscape and macro photography so I think it will be a good fit. And well, trees and opportunities are everywhere!

Rather than inundating this blog with daily photos of trees, I have found a new home for my tree-related adventures, wherever they may lead me. I will continue to post many other photos and homemade goodies here.

Thus I launch: A day in the leaf!

And here are my favourite photos taken on our walk around the worksite today, that do not contain trees, rather an expired vine.