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Winter Leaves

I love trees, but I think they are difficult subjects to photograph. Firstly they can be difficult to fit entirely in the frame, by which stage you often have other trees or ugly objects intruding in the shot, especially on the street. Secondly, they are often such a jumble of branches, twigs and leaves that you don’t really end up with a focal point or a subject that stands out from the background. I think that is why for most of my street tree shots I have been instead focusing on the leaves or looking upwards to use the sky as a silhouette.
Perhaps I should splash out and buy one or two of the lovely looking tree books in my wishlist for some ideas and inspiration:
The Life and Love of Trees
The Tree in Photographs
Robert Adams: Tree Line
The World of Trees
I did buy a cute little book called How to Plant a Tree on my recent trip, which is stuffed with drawings, factoids, and tips relating to trees.

From June
From June
From June

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