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Jam Donut Cupcakes

From Stef's PEN Mini

It was my turn for tea duty at the office last week. Since I don’t buy shop biscuits, I instead made some raisin oatmeal cookies, and tried out my new favourite: jam donut cupcakes! The recipe is from Veganomicon, which is a pretty great and comprehensive cookbook that I’ve cooked a lot from. I’m not going to post the recipe here (go buy the book, it’s cheap on Amazon!), but basically you take your favourite plain (vegan) cupcake recipe with a pinch of nutmeg added, fill the patty pans, plop a teaspoon of jam on top centre (it’ll sink down into the middle), bake, and sprinkle liberally with icing (confectioner’s) sugar. Easy! The hardest part is then to leave them overnight to harden up a bit. They are indeed tasty, especially if you’re a fan of jam donuts!

From Stef's PEN Mini

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