Stef's adventures in craftiness

I have button & holes!

I finally sorted out the buttonholes on the cape!
In the end it was a painfully quick and simple process. The automatic buttonholes I was making were all snagging and chewing up the fabric at a certain point. But all I needed to do was widen the width of the stitches, which better suited the relatively loose weave of the plaid outer fabric. It drifted over like a breeze (well, comparatively). Thankfully, before the fabric was worn out.
At least I already knew how to sew on the buttons.

From Stef's Sewing Adventures

Now, just have to tweak the pointy shoulders a tad, and hem it. Then I shall pose with it, whether or not weather permits.
I’m lazy/incompetent and didn’t match the plaid pattern on either side, but it looks fine really when looking at the whole thing.


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