Stef's adventures in craftiness

Where’s the sewing?

So my sewing’s been a bit absent of late. However, I have finally got my cape I imagined up back in February well underway: just need to tackle those buttonholes and hem. And maybe soften the shoulders, they’re a bit pointy.

My first few attempts at the machine’s automatic buttonholing led to unexplained mess, but I think I have it down pat now.

From Stef's Sewing Adventures

Betsy models the cape

Last weekend I checked out Tessuti’s Fabrics in the city, which is full of so many wonderful rolls of possibility. I picked out a Japanese bird print and a Liberty cranberry print to make into summer dresses that aren’t too beachy to wear out or to work. Let’s hope I don’t stuff them up because whilst they’re nice, they aint that cheap so I didn’t buy any extra for safety.

From Stef's Sewing Adventures

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