Stef's adventures in craftiness

Cumquat Marmalade

Look! I made cumquat marmalade!

And quite a lot.

Lots of marmalade

I had about 800g of cumquats, which – with permission – I collected from some trees at work. Cumquats are a tiny, very tart citrus fruit, so they needed some sugar. I used only 500g of these to make the marmalade, using a citrus marmalade recipe from Sally Wise’s book.

This involved quartering and finely chopping and deseeding the tiny (few centimetres wide) little buggers, then adding a ton of sugar and some water/juice and boiling away. In all I think I was in the kitchen a few hours.

But it’s tasty!

Ready to eat

And the remaining 300g? Dan made some cumquat brandy! But we’ll have to wait 6 months for that. So stay tuned for cumquat cocktails.

And there’s still more cumquats left on the tree…


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