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New toy!

Yesterday I finally upgraded my Powerbook, which has become less of a laptop and more of a desktop and struggles to do anything unchoppily or unplugged. The final straw was realising I couldn’t install ANY new software anymore as I didn’t have an Intel-based Mac. So no new operating system, PatternMaker (for sewing patterns), Picasa or even Plants vs Zombies.

I had a look at the new Macbooks, but I found them to be clunkier and less value for money than I liked.

I wanted something light and portable, with good battery life, but a bit bigger and gruntier than a netbook. And less than $1000. So in the end, my new toy:

13" HP Pavillion

Yes, I bought it from Harvey Norman, but they actually had the best range of 13/14″ laptops in  stock and on display, and price matched the slightly cheaper nuts and bolts computer store price Dan could find. (Ignore the website price, I don’t know what’s with that).

I can tell you already it can play iView and Plants vs Zombies no problems. It’s got metal. It can last 5 hours and counting (supposedly up to 10!) on battery. And I can carry it on my bike. Much better!

So Boris the Powerbook, who lasted me a good 5 years and always managed to look smart in his aluminium and crystal clear screen, will hopefully find a new home. Once I get around to backing up and reformatting.

And here’s to more easier blog posting too!


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