Stef's adventures in craftiness

Knitting in Public

Once bitten with the crafty bug, I yearned for something to do whilst away from the sewing machine. Since my hand sewing attempts were woeful, I thought I’d turn to my old friend knitting.

Years ago my friend Anna taught me to do the knit stitch and I started a scarf but it never really took off for me then and my attempts languished away in the cupboard. Until now…

It took a while, but with trial and error (knitting, cursing, unravelling, knitting, cursing, unravelling and repeat) and helpful tips from my knit bible and Erica the knitting expert, I’m now fairly adept at:

  • casting on and off (start and finish) in interesting ways
  • the two basic knitting stitches: knit and purl
  • some ‘patterns’ of these stitches: garter stitch, stockinette, and ribbing
  • knitting ‘in the round’ (a tube of knitting)
  • and how to fix mistakes without starting all over again

I love having something creative and portable to fill in my sitting around time. It’s a sort of meditation and keeps me occupied whilst I think about other things. And it’s addictive (“just one more round!”): there’s always more to make or learn.

So now I knit in front of the tv, on the train, tram, bus, plane, on holiday or wherever else I am sitting. And although I can meet with a bit of surprise (despite it being supposedly ‘fashionable’ now), it’s not like me to care and I plug on regardless. Maybe I’ll even inspire some others to pick up their knitting.

In fact, just this week I was working on Dan’s scarf on the train and got quite a bit of interest from a bunch of 13 year old boys who were saying they wished they could knit a beanie, asking me if it was hard and how long it takes to make!

See how cool I am?



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