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A few weeks ago, myself and the other half took advantage of the $25 flights and hopped down to Tasmania for the weekend. Got there to find Mum’s apple trees were literally overloaded:

My memories of living back home include the autumns filled of apples, apples, apples and more apples; to the point where I couldn’t stand them any more. Nowadays though, I miss them: apples in the shops taste like styrofoam in comparison.

So beyond stuffing ourselves whilst there, we felt compelled to take back at least some of them. Drying them converts them into a more transportable (i.e. fits in carry-on luggage) form.

In comes Mum’s trusty old dehydrator, a drying machine with stackable trays she used to use to make dried apples and fruit leather for our lunchboxes. We used the nifty apple corer and slicer to speed things up a bit:

Then cut and arranged the slices onto trays:

Placed them in the stack, left it on overnight (at about 40 degrees – much warmer than the frosty cold bedroom), et voila: yummy dried apples. They lasted a reasonable while, but finally down to the last handful today:


I may attempt making dried fruit myself, if I run into bucketload. Not sure how I’d go without a fan forced machine (unless I buy one… cos I need one, right?), but I have heard you can dry them in the oven. On the (long) list to try for a future Made It Myself.

One response

  1. Mmmmnnnnn they were yummy.

    June 2, 2010 at 16:53

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